Redox Medicine 2024 Agenda is Now Published

Redox 2024 Agenda

The Redox Medicine Society just published the Agenda of its 26th International Conference on Redox Medicine!

Join us for the groundbreaking Redox Medicine 2024 Conference, a pivotal event that promises to shape the future of redox biology and its clinical applications. This two-day conference, starting June 27, 2024, will bring together leading scientists, researchers, and professionals from across the globe to discuss the latest advancements, innovative research, and the future direction of Redox Medicine.

Conference Highlights

Keynote Speech: "Redox Medicine 2024: Where we are now and where we are heading?"
An insightful session that sets the stage for the conference, outlining the current landscape and future prospects in Redox Medicine.

Day 1 - Thursday June 27, 2024

Session 1: Redox Balance in Health & Disease
- Discuss the mechanistic insights of redox balance.
- Explore the pivotal role of biomarkers in understanding disease mechanisms.
- Discover the interplay between biophysics, biology, and health.

Session 2: Evaluation of Redox Status and Related Biomarkers
- Learn about cutting-edge methods, tools, AI applications, biosensors, and devices.
- Experience hands-on demonstrations alongside our industry partners.

Round-table Discussion with the RMS Scientific Board
An engaging session facilitating in-depth discussions on current challenges and opportunities in Redox Medicine.


Day 2 - Friday June 28, 2024

Session 3: The Future of Redox Medicine 2024: Innovative Directions and Emerging Trends
- Understand the role of biomarkers in the prevention and diagnosis in redox medicine.
- Uncover the potential of small synthetic, natural antioxidants, and redox molecules.

- Highlight the integration of AI, algorithms, and Redox Medicine.
- Examine the latest innovations and challenges related to iron, redox, and ferroptosis.
- Explore the emerging field of Skin Redoxome among other topics.

Session 4: Redox Medicine from Bench to Bedside, Companion Diagnostics
A collaborative session featuring insights from BioPharma, CRO, CDMO, and regulatory bodies.

Concluding Remarks & Redox Medicine 2024 Awards:
Celebrating excellence with awards for Best Scientific Contribution, Best Short Oral Presentation, and Best Poster Presentation.

We can't wait to meet you all in Paris for Redox Medicine 2024!

All our Best, 

On behalf of the RMS Scientific Board

Redox Medicine 2024 Board

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