Chronobiology and Redox Medicine: It is Time for a Highlight

Circardian rythm Redox Medicine

Chronobiology & its relation with Redox Medicine will be highlighted during the 25th Anniversary of Redox Medicine Conference, this June 2023 in Paris. The scientific committee commented: 

"Circadian rhythms are directed by day–night cycles so that organisms can synchronize external conditions with internal metabolism to allow temporal separation of incompatible metabolic events.

It is well known that plants photosynthesize in the presence of sunlight, consuming carbon dioxide, water and energy, and producing glucose and oxygen. The reverse reaction, respiration, goes on all the time, consuming glucose and oxygen and providing energy to the plant, while releasing water and carbon dioxide. During the day, photosynthesis dominates, so there is a net release of oxygen. At night, photosynthesis stops but respiration continues, so there is a net consumption of oxygen.

What if the circadian clock orchestrates functions that link energy metabolism to nutrition, contribute to redox balance and prevent metabolic diseases?"

Find out more at the 25th RMS Congress (21-23 June 2023) with our invited speaker Dr. Laurent Chatre.

Redox Medicine 2023 Congress
June 21-23, 2023 - Paris, France
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