Redox Medicine 2024 Best Short Oral Awards

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Two short talks from Redox Medicine 2024 were discerened the best short oral presentation of award by the Redox Medicine Society.

1. Michela Bruschi, University of Urbino Carlo Bo, Italy - "Endothelial Cell Redox Modulation through a Synthetic Thiol Compound Tuning the Metabolic Profiles and Stress Responses in Hypoxia and Normoxia".

This research explores the effects of a synthetic thiol compound on endothelial cell redox modulation, metabolic profiles, and stress responses under hypoxic and normoxic conditions. 

Dr. Bruschi stated "In our lab at the University of Urbino, we are exploiting synthetic thiol compounds to modulate the cellular redox state in different compartments and cellular types. This strategy could help the cells face different oxidative insults, i.e., hypoxia or inflammatory stimuli, via fine-tuning reduced glutathione (GSH) and cysteines, ROS, and cytokine expression, further impacting cell-cell interactions."

This research unveils promising therapeutic avenues for diseases linked to endothelial dysfunction and highlights the potential of synthetic compounds to modulate cellular redox states and metabolic responses. Dr. Mruschi's work also emphasizes the future applications of these thiol molecules in disease models associated with altered redox mechanisms or in aging models, both in vitro and in vivo.

 ORAL 1 Michela Bruschi- Resized 

2. Rosangela Silva Santos, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil - "Preferential Production of PGF2α in SARS-Cov-2 Permissive Human Lung Epithelial Cells".

Oral 2  oral 22 

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