Citeline will be sponsoring Redox Medicine 2024


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Citeline will be sponosring the the 26th International Conference on Redox Medicine 2024 on June 27-28, at Fondation Biermans-Lapôtre, Paris, France.

About Citeline

Citeline (a Norstella Company) powers a full suite of complementary business intelligence offerings to meet the evolving needs of health science professionals to accelerate the connection of treatments to patients and patients to treatments.

These patient-focused solutions and services deliver and analyze data used to drive clinical, commercial, and regulatory related-decisions and create real-world opportunities for growth.

Our global teams of analysts, journalists and consultants keep their fingers on the pulse of the pharmaceutical, biomedical and medtech industries, covering it all with expert insights: key diseases, clinical trials, drug R&D and approvals, market forecasts and more.

 Citeline Talk at Redox Medicine 2024

Duncan Emerton 1Pharma’s Search for Redox-Modulating Therapeutics
Duncan Emerton, Vice-President of Citeline, United Kingdom

What will you get from this session?

  • Indications in which redox imbalance is linked to disease pathogenesis (e.g., long list)
  • Key targets which modulate redox signalling in cellular homeostasis (e.g., NRF2/KEAP1, FOXO, NFkB, HIF, etc.)
  • Pharma’s progress in developing medicines toward novel targets (i.e., stats from Citeline data sets by phase, company and indication)
  • Outlook (i.e., how is redox medicine R&D likely to evolve?)
  • Key Takeaways

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