Tamara Tomin Wins Best Scientific at Redox Medicine 2024

Tamara Tomin Award

The Redox Medicine 2024 Best Scientific Contribution award was discerned to:

Tamara Tomin, Technical University of Vienna, Austria

Dr. Tomin presented an interesting presentation titled “Metabolic Regulation by Redox Signaling in the Heart”.

In her talk Dr. Tomin covered the following:

- Oxidative stress in failing human hearts affects metabolic enzymes via oxidative modifications (oxPTMs).

- Study involved simulating reperfusion injury in cardiomyocytes and stem-cell derived cardioids.

- Treatment with TEPP46, a PKM2 activator, showed potential in preserving metabolic activity and enhancing antioxidative defense.

Congratulations to Dr. Tomin on her well-deserved award and for advancing the field of redox medicine.

Learn more about her research by accessing the Redox Medicine 2024 Replay and Abstracts Book. 

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