Nanozymes: Revolutionizing Biomedical Therapies through Redox Regulation

Nanozymes Revolutionizing Biomedical Therapies through Redox Regulation

In a recent paper, Mugesh et al. have made significant strides in the realm of nanozymes, nanomaterials exhibiting enzyme-like functions. Nanozymes have garnered considerable attention due to their potential to replace natural enzymes across a spectrum of biomedical applications, including biosensing, therapeutics, drug delivery, and bioimaging.

Of particular interest are nanozymes capable of modulating cellular redox status by emulating antioxidant enzymes in mammalian cells. This capability holds promise for addressing oxidative-stress-related disorders. Distinguishing between physiological oxidative stress (oxidative eustress) and pathological oxidative stress (oxidative distress) poses a notable challenge. Designing nanozymes capable of discerning and reacting appropriately to these varying cellular conditions in cells, tissues, and organs is crucial.

In their review, Mugesh et al. outlined advancements in the development of redox-active nanozymes and their biomedical applications. They underscored the therapeutic significance of both antioxidant and prooxidant nanozymes in various disease models, including cancer, neurodegeneration, and cardiovascular diseases.

Looking ahead, they discussed future prospects in this burgeoning field and outline the challenges associated with the biomedical applications of nanozymes. Their work sheds light on the potential of nanozymes to revolutionize therapeutic interventions in oxidative-stress-mediated disorders, offering hope for improved treatment modalities in the future.

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This Review offers an overview of the recent development of redox-active nanozymes, primarily highlighting antioxidant and prooxidant nanozymes and their therapeutic significance in oxidative-stress-mediated disorders with an outlook on the current challenges and future trends. The insight provided should aid the development of next-generation therapeutic nanozymes for translation into clinical settings.

Photo Credits: Graphical Abstract N. Singh, G. R. Sherin, G. Mugesh, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2023

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