Best Short Oral Presentation of Paris Redox 2022

Railmara Pereira Silva 2

Paris Redox 2022 Best Short Oral Presentation award was discerned to Railmara Pereira da Silva, University of São Paulo, Brazil, for her presentation entitled "Uratylated Plasma Albumin is Increased in Patients with Heart Failure and Promotes the Adhesion of THP-1 Monocytes to Endothelial Cells". 

"We demonstrated in this study that the oxidation of uric acid by myeloperoxidase generates reactive intermediates products, which promote modification, a process called uratylation, in plasma albumin of patients with heart failure and diabetes. The data showed that uratylated peptides from albumin were elevated in the plasma of these patients. In addition, uratylated albumin increased monocytes's adhesion to endothelial cells. Taken together, urate is oxidized in patients suffering from heart failure. Its oxidation products may play an essential role in vascular inflammation and could contribute to heart failure pathology. As a perspective, the presence of uratylated serum albumin could be a valuable marker in inflammatory diseases."

24th Annual ISANH Meeting
Paris Redox 2022 Congress

June 22-24, 2022 - Paris, France

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