The Skin Redoxome: Perspectives in Photodamage and Sun Care

Mauricio S. BaptistaDr. Mauricio S. Baptista, Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil will join Redox Medicine 2023 on June 21-23 to present a talk entitled "The Skin Redoxome: Perspectives in photodamage and Sun Care".

Redoxome is the network of redox reactions and redox active species that affect the homeostasis of cells and tissues. Due to the intense and constant interaction with external agents, the human skin evolved to host a robust redox signaling framework. The lack of redox regulation causes the accumulation of oxidation end-products being correlated with several skin disorders, including photoaging and skin cancer.

Protection of human skin against sun exposition is a complex issue that involves ambivalent aspects of the interaction of light with tissues. One misconception that has persisted in our society is that visible light is safe to the skin, even though recent data indicate that at least part of the visible spectrum decreases the epidermal barrier function, induces pigmentation in individuals with type IV and V skins and induces inflammatory response. Endogenous molecules absorb UV and visible light inducing several photosensitized oxidation reactions, which end-up deregulating the redox homeostasis and causing oxidative distress in skin cells and tissues, inducing the accumulation of glycation and lipid peroxidation end products, which are usually more effective photosensitizers than their respective their precursor molecules.

In this lecture, Dr. Baptista will analyze the main molecular networks of redox regulation present on the human skin, explain the mechanisms by which endogenous molecules (absorbing either UVA radiation or visible light) cause a dysregulation of the skin redoxome and analyze the consequences to skin cells, including chemical changes in nucleic acids, proteins and lipids, mutations and metabolic changes, aiming to propose more a comprehensive mechanisms of sun damage and skin care.

Join Redox Medicine 2023 to learn more about Dr. Baptista's interesting talk. You can submit a related abstract here.

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June 21-23, 2023 - Paris, France
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